BIM is disruptive revolutionary force that can sometimes be difficult to grasp the full effects of the changes it forces upon it’s users. The investment in time, energy, and capital for a true BIM process implementation can be overwhelming. SHAPE has amassed over 8 years of experience implementing a BIM process for Architectural firms, Engineering firms, large campus owners, and the contractor/subcontractor markets.

A successful BIM Implementation does not stop at training project teams how to use software. True implementation services look at how using a BIM process effects how a company produces their work, markets themselves, and position themselves for the future. The easy part of a BIM implementation is the software training. Because the implementation touches so much about a company, the change is fraught with potholes and opportunities for failure.

SHAPE helps companies navigate those potholes and receive the maximum investment of switching to a BIM process. SHAPE’s long history of implementation has allow for best in class processes to be developed and refined over those years so that companies don’t have to repeat the mistakes of those that came before.

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