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The incredible growth of BIM and the use of Revit in the AEC industry in the last 5 years have raised the level of design and with it, the information being created. Design and construction models now have to convey an increasing amount of accuracy and information throughout the design and life of a building. The level of detail and information required for the cost estimation, energy simulations, and facility management uses of these models are time and expertise intensive. Designers, construction entities and end users are now demanding that level of detail and intelligence in the furniture and equipment content they put into their models. Manufacturers have been hesitant to fully update their content to the standards required and in many cases have released inadequate content. Designers have been forced to develop their own which leads to inaccurate and inefficient information released to the industry.

SHAPE recognizes this and understands how to build intelligent, robust, and accurate content. Content that not only addresses the needs of the design and construction industries, but also and more importantly addresses the needs of the end users and their facility management systems. SHAPE ensures this by fully qualifying each piece it designs by testing with multiple user skill types and disciplines before any piece leaves our hands.

We understand the demands placed on the design community and the importance to make sure what we do develop has been thoroughly tested with end users in mind.


What is good content?

SHAPE Environments constantly tries to answer this question everyday as we develop content for our various clients. To answer the question though, you have to live through bad content. It is easy to define bad content. Bad content is not intuitive, not easily understood how to use it, or manipulate. Bad content gives you bad days on a project, whether it is giving the designer wrong information, corrupting a model, not returning critical coordination issues for construction, it causes time and effort to be wasted on projects and models. Time designers don’t have. Bad content also makes designers second-guess information and have to repeatedly verify the information to make sure it is correct. Bad content can be the first and only impression for manufacturers.

Good content allows designers to design and builders to build. It gives information that is correct every time. Good content allows the models and information within them to amplify the intelligence of the people using them. Good content is painstakingly flexed and tested by people that use content on a daily basis as designers, engineers, or builders. Good content is usable the first time you see it. It conveys the information that is needed to inform designs and is easily accessed while not bloating or corrupting the model. SHAPE certified content is content you can trust.

  • Intelligent, intuitive content that responds to Manufacturer’s product specifications, limitations, and requirements.
  • Fully parametric content that integrates all the necessary warranty, sustainability and maintenance information.
  • Fully parametric content that integrates all the necessary warranty, sustainability and maintenance information.
  • Visually-accurate rendered content that balances robustness with minimal file size.
  • Adaptable for future technology upgrades and enhancements including FM integration.
  • Quality tested by multiple skill and discipline level end users in actual projects before being released to the public.
  • Content that can incorporate engineering requirements (power, flow rates, CFM, etc.)
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